what is this?

this is the end of everything.
its not love, its a proximity infatuation.

errr why?

I'm so amazed at the fact that there still remains a party by the name of DRP. And that people still support Maumoon Abdul Gayyoom. DAMN! We are still SO FUCKING BLIND.
I wonder how they get the balls to go up to a podium and even address the public. And the sad thing is, some people still believe them!
I do not support one particular party, because honestly I wouldn't know much about politics or economics. But I sure do have internet and cable TV which shows me how the rest of the world develops and evolves with time. I have been abroad a few times too and from what I have seen, we are capable of achieving more than what we have already achieved.
I guess we shall never learn. Or maybe some people would never understand.
Even the blind can see if someone describes, but someone who refuses to open his eyes, refuses to believe.

The Pride Of The Nation

It seems the Maldivian Nation has a thing for tradition. This huge emotional love towards what we did in the past and how things used to be before. We do not seek to change this 'style of living' that we hide behind the word 'tradition'. What I ask myself everyday is, why the hell do we even look back at it? For there hasn't been a single thing we haven't screwed up.

Our so called 'traditions' that the people respect are indeed so sick, that sometimes i wish i wasn't a Maldivian. To be honest there have been rarely a few moments in my life that i felt a little bit close to being in Love with this place.

We Maldivians do not look for change and we definitely do not allow it. So many youth geniuses with ideas that would've changed this Nation Forever, of course in a positive manner I should say, have been denied the chance. We are not allowed to express ourselves due to the fact that we have a "Tradition" But what really has this tradition lead us to? I do not see a fucking bit of advancement in us! Most people might ask me If I'm blind to see everything that has been going on around us all these years. Maybe I am wrong, maybe I would not know everything that goes on. But the only thing I know is that this place should have people with far more better eyesight to see what is going on around us. Maybe we do, but our "tradition" would not allow us to see, because we have been brought up not to see anything they do not want us to see.

The Delivery Guy

My latest Upload on flickr.

This man would ride around in his bike at dusk, distributing food parcels to foreign labor quarters. These laborers work hard during the day and its very important that they be at dinner on time or starve through the night. These people spend so little and yet earn so much because of their well organized and cheap lifestyles.

A little change

Starting from today onwards, this is now a photography blog.
This blog will represent artwork and thoughts by Haisham Shareef.